Sampling Equipment

Aerobiology Research Laboratories (ARL) offers two sampler models: the GRIPS-99M and the GRIPST-2009. The GRIPS series sampler was designed specifically for conducting qualitative analysis of the particles in the air, but can be adapted to collect for short periods of time. The GRIPST series samplers can be used for both qualitative and quantitative sampling applications by providing settings to allow collections at varying duty cycles.

Aerobiology Research Laboratories (ARL) provides annual maintenance and calibration programs  ensuring equipment reliably functions and extends the life of the samplers. ARL performs maintenance checks on all brands of Rotation Impaction Samplers including our own models.

Rotation Impaction Technology

Rotation impaction samplers are one of the most widely used mechanical devices for collecting air-borne particles in North America similar to Rotorod technology. Developed originally in the 1940’s, this technology has been shown to be equally effective at collecting particles with sizes ranging from over 100 microns to as small as 2 microns, and is therefore suitable for collecting pollen grains and fungal spores.

A basic rotation impaction sampler consists of two rods attached to a bar known as a “sampling head”, which in turn is attached to a motor. The rods are very thin (less than 2mm wide), and are coated with an embedding material such as silicone grease. As the motor spins, particles in the air impact against the leading surface of the rods and become embedded in the grease. As the rods spin in a circle, sampling occurs independently of wind direction. Wind speed is also independent, as rods travelling with the wind will come into contact with proportionally less air while rods travelling against the wind come into contact with proportionally more air. Standard practice in aerobiology is to sample at speeds of 2400RPM, providing the rods with a travel speed of over 80Km/h and further negating the effect of wind.

To determine the number of particles in the air over the sampling duration, a formula is used to convert the area of the collection surface to a unit of volume over time. In order to support this conversion formula, the number of rotations of the sampling head and the duration of sampling must be known. It is therefore very important that the speed at which the motor spins the sampling head is known and remains consistent. Analysis of samples is performed under a microscope, where particles of interest in a measured sample area are identified and counted. As the conversion formula provides a direct relation between the number of particles on the sample and the number of particles per unit volume of air, the methodology for sample analysis is straight-forward in both theory and practice.



The GRIPST-2009 is our flagship sampler. This model is designed for long-term aeroallergen monitoring projects. The compact sampler casing is constructed from galvanized steel, with a tightly-closing hatch for easy access to the sampler internals. All exterior components are rated NEMA-4 or better. This model includes a super-heavy-duty maintenance-free Maxon motor for extended life, and a voltage regulator that provides stable rotation speed for any >12VDC power source and the ability to adjust and calibrate rotation speed to suit the needs of the monitoring project. This sampler incorporates a solid-state relay timer that allows the sampler to be set to any desired duty cycle, and is equipped with a 1.5" long sampling head mounting post, C&C machined, to reduce air turbulence.
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Dimensions: 16cm x 18cm x 16cm (including post)
Weight: 2.5 kg
Input Power: DC 12V to 30V, 300mA
Power Plug: Banana jacks, screw clamp
Sampler comes with an auto-retracting sampling head for "Type-I" sampling rods, and a package of 100 "Type-I" rods. Samplers are shipped calibrated to 2400RPM, and set to a 10% duty cycle (one minute on, nine minutes off) when applicable. Power cord must be purchased separately.
$1732 CAD


The GRIPS-99M, as with its predecessor GRIPS-99, is targeted primarily for agricultural uses and other qualitative sampling applications. Featured components include a rugged, waterproof PVC plastic casing suitable for all types of extreme weather, a rain shield roof to protect samples from wash off, a super-heavy-duty maintenance-free Maxon motor for extended life, and voltage regulator that provides constant rotation speed for any >12VDC power source and allowing for adjustment and calibration. This sampler is equipped with a one and one-half inch sampling head mounting post, designed to reduce air turbulence and thus optimize pollen and fungal spore collection. The post has been C&C machined for balance to reduce motor wear.
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Sampler comes with an auto-retracting sampling head for "Type-I" sampling rods and a package of 100 "Type-I" rods.
Samplers are shipped calibrated to 2400RPM.
Power cord must be purchased separately.
$855 CAD

Sampler Supplies - Cords and Adapters

12-foot long extension cord with adapter
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Input Power: DC 12V to 30V, 300mA
Power Plug: Banana jacks, screw-clamp

Maintenance and Calibration

For quality assurance, Aerobiology Research Laboratories (ARL) services every piece of equipment we use at a monitoring network site once yearly prior to the start of the collection season.  This servicing allows us to guarantee quality accurate collection and to ensure our samplers are operating properly and this process helps in extending the life of the sampler.

ARL also services all client samplers such as calibration and repairs.  This helps to extend the life of the sampler and ensure the machine collects good quality and quantitative samples to satisfy your research or services needs.

Please contact us to arrange for servicing of your sampler(s).





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