Services for Agriculture Industry

Aerobiological services like those provided by Aerobiology Research Laboratories are of benefit for monitoring the levels of pollen and spores for agriculture.

Our GRIPS-99M samplers are often used for agricultural purposes in order to study the prevalence of fungal spores or monitor pollen dispersion. Many projects that are ongoing and need 24 hour monitoring or data use our GRIPST 2009 samplers.
We also provide all of the supplies needed for operating rotation-impaction samplers.

In addition to providing samplers and supplies for sale, we can also provide equipment and supplies on a rental basis, on terms and scale customized to the needs of your project. We often bundle equipment rentals with sample analysis services, providing a turn-key sampling solution for your needs.



The GRIPS-99M is targeted primarily for agricultural uses and other qualitative sampling applications. Featured components include a rugged, waterproof PVC plastic casing suitable for all types of extreme weather, a rain shield roof to protect samples from wash off, a super-heavy-duty maintenance-free Maxon motor for extended life, and voltage regulator that provides constant rotation speed for any >12VDC power source and allowing for adjustment and calibration. This sampler is equipped with a one and one-half inch sampling head mounting post, designed to reduce air turbulence and thus optimize pollen and fungal spore collection. The post has been C&C machined for balance to reduce motor wear.
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Input Power: DC 12V to 30V, 300mA
Power Plug: Banana jacks, screw-clamp
Sampler comes with an auto-retracting sampling head for "Type-I" sampling rods,
a 12-foot long extension cord with a choice of banana plugs or automotive battery "gator clips", and a package of 100 "Type-I" rods. S
Samplers are shipped calibrated to 2400RPM, and set to a 10% duty cycle (one minute on, nine minutes off) when applicable.
$855 CAD




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