GRIPST- 2009 Pollen and Spore Sampler

Manual and Instructions

Manual and Training Videos for GRIPST-2009 Pollen and Spore Samplers

The following manual and videos are available to assist GRIPST -2009 owners/operators in setting up and maintaining their pollen and spore sampler.

The MP4 files should be compatible with online viewing in web browsers, as well as mobile devices.
AVI files are meant primarily for viewing with desktop video players such as VLC.

GRIPST-2009 Manual (english)

Download GRIPST-2009 manual and get access to the following:

  • Rotation Impaction Sampling Technology
  • Choosing a Sampling Site
  • Installation and Operating Instructions
  • Preparing and Handling Rods and Retracting Heads
  • Determination of Particle Concentration
  • Maintenance and Warranty

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Videos to assist in using GRIPST- 2009 Pollen and Spore Sampler

Setting Up The Sampler

The following video shows you the steps required in setting up the GRIPST-2009 Pollen and Spore Sampler.


Loading Sampling Rods and changing the retracting heads

The following video shows you the steps required in loading sampling rods into the retracting head.



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