Consulting and Training Services

Aerobiology Research Laboratories offers consulting services and pollen and spore identification training courses. Pollen and spore courses are offered  through a correspondence format with a focus on microscopic identification.

Consulting Services

Aeroallergen Monitoring

We consult on the best practices of sample collection and analysis. This can include identifying best monitoring locations for a region, consulting on installation and configuration of sampling equipment, and instructing station operators on sample collection methodology. We can also consult on appropriate scheduling of monitoring projects for target allergens.


Laboratory Training and Establishment

Our consulting services include training staff in identification and laboratory operations, providing guidance and support in establishing laboratory procedures, and establish computer infrastructure for data entry, storage, and analysis.

We offer two formats for laboratory training that include an intensive in house training program and a more flexible correspondence format. See course descriptions below.



We provide talks and seminar presentations on aeroallergens monitoring, research methods, and our statistical findings. We also participate in conferences involving the field of aerobiology.

For those interested in introducing or improving aeroallergen identification to staff or students, we can also provide training sessions on-site at your laboratory for small or large groups.

Laboratory Training Courses - Correspondence Course - Pollen and Spore Identification

Course Outline

This course is designed for long distance learning at an individual’s own pace. It is ideal for those who want to learn some of the basics of aeroallergen identification.

The course will cover identification of the major pollen and fungal genera found in North American outdoor air samples. It is recommended that the student obtains reference slides for at least some of these genera, in order to gain practical experience with identification via microscopy. Exams will be provided by mail or via the internet. All exams will be sent back to the laboratory and graded. Identifications will be part of the exam, and may be done electronically or via microscopy using reference slides.

A certificate will be given to the participant based on the level of training and competency, and will state what level of training the student has obtained.

This certificate does not indicate that a person is fully qualified for aeroallergen identification on their own.

It should be noted that identification of aeroallergens is complex and takes many hours of training and learning before competency can be obtained.


Tuition for the course is $1600.00. Aerobiology Research Laboratories provides all course materials and the exams. Books and digital reference materials will be supplied at an additional cost and can be acquired through Aerobiology Research Laboratories. Reference slides are available for sale. We adapt the course and materials to each individual’s needs.



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