Services for Media and Social Networks

Aerobiology Research Laboratories provides a number of report products aimed towards informing the general public about the current and future outdoor allergy situation. We provide our flagship product, the next-day pollen forecast for 30 Canadian cities and we have many other valuable reports available and under development. Our reports are available for television, web sites, newspapers, mobile products, and others.

Reports for Media

The following is a list of the reports we offer presently or will offer in the near future:

  • Total Pollen Levels and Total Spores Levels: a simple indicator of LOW, MODERATE, or HIGH indicating the total number of pollen and spore particles in the air for a given day.
  • Predominance Report: an indicator of total pollen and spores, as well as a listing of the top three most predominant pollen and the top three most predominant spores expected to be in the air.
  • Weekly Outlook: a report indicating which pollen are most predominant in the air for the next 7 days.
  • Individual Pollen Forecasts: a prediction of the expected level of an allergenic pollen species or group in a particular location for the following day. Forecasts for many locations and species are produced and we are always looking to expand into new population centers.

Monitoring and Reporting Partnerships

Part of the mission of Aerobiology Research Laboratories is to increase the dissemination of valuable and accurate outdoor allergy information to the public. One of the best ways to obtain this mission is to expand our monitoring and reporting operations into more population centers, including locations in the United States or Mexico. We are continuously looking for opportunities to work with media companies and sponsors to open new markets.



    Canadian Customers
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