Reports for Media

One of the principal services provided by Aerobiology Research Laboratories is the provision of reports that educate and inform the public on the status of various outdoor allergies. We provide these reports to mass media, such as television programs, newspapers, and websites, for public dissemination. Funding for the report is the responsibility of the media company, and usually comes from sponsors or advertisers that provide allergy products.

Total Pollen / Total Spores

This report provides basic information about how much pollen and/or spores exists in the air on a given day. Although we feel that this information is not enough to properly inform the public about outdoor allergens, we continue to provide this report due to the demand for it.

This report has also shown to be helpful to media advertizers, as it provides them with the ability to schedule the frequency of advertizing in relation to the state of allergies in the environment.

Predominance Report

The predominance report provides a well-rounded selection of relevant information to allergy sufferers. This report includes the overall pollen levels, overall spore levels, and the top three most predominant pollen and spores in the air for a given day. This report is not a forecast, but is intended to inform individuals about what is in the air, and therefore what they are breathing today.

The selection of predominant pollen and spores is based on the behavioural trends we have ascertained from our historical data, taking into account any annual patterns and seasonal variations we have observed.

Weekly Outlook

Aerobiology Research Laboratories has developed a report which provides a weekly outlook on the levels of outdoor allergens.

If your company is interested in carrying or sponsoring such a report, please contact us.

Next-Day Forecasts

Our flagship product is the the pollen and fungal spore forecast for allergy sufferers and concentration reports for select tree and fungal genera.  We combine predictions for the six most prevalent tree species along with predictions for grasses and ragweed into a forecast report for each of our monitoring locations. These forecasts can be tailored for each site depending on requirements. More information on these activities can be found on the page About Allergen Forecasting.

Monitoring Network

The reports above can include any subset of our monitoring stations as long as Aerobiology Research Laboratories has not already entered into an agreement of exclusivity. Click here to see a list of sites included in our monitoring network. Feel free to contact us for more information.



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