Services for Pharmaceutical Companies

Aeroiology Research Laboratories offers a number of products and services catering directly to the research and marketing of pharmaceutical allergy products.

Data Analysis for Marketing

Our research tools, experience, and data resources provides us with the ability to analyze your product sales or market share information against trends in outdoor allergen levels and allergy seasons for all of our 30 sites across Canada.

We can also provide reports to indicate when particular outdoor allergens, or groups of allergens such as grasses or weeds, are in season or have high levels. This information can be used to direct the timing of advertizing blitzes more effectively and tune them to particular markets.

Marketing and Branding Opportunities

We provide reports to pharmaceutical companies for public dissemination through mediums such as websites, apps or social media channels. These reports provide value add and brand value to pharmaceutical companies products and services. Patients associate themselves with your products through experiential marketing techniques. These reports are an excellent branding opportunity developing your products as part of the evoked set with clients brand recall process and provides them with a valuable service.

The following is a list of the reports we offer presently or will offer in the near future:

  • Total Pollen Levels and Total Spores Levels: a simple indicator of LOW, MODERATE, or HIGH indicating the total number of pollen and spore particles in the air for a given day.
  • Predominance Report:an indicator of total pollen and spores, as well as a listing of the top three most predominant pollen and the top three most predominant spores expected to be in the air.
  • Weekly Outlook: a report indicating which pollen are most predominant in the air for the next 7 days.
  • Individual Pollen Forecasts: a prediction of the expected level of an allergenic pollen species or group in a particular location for the following day. Forecasts for many locations and species are produced and we are always looking to expand into new population centers.

This includes setting up a program and/or partnership in the U.S. or Mexico, replicating the monitoring system and services offered in Canada.

Data for Clinical Trials

We have been collecting and warehousing pollen and spore levels for 20 years, and we have historical data available for 30 population centres across Canada. We can provide summary data to inform choices of clinical trial locations, as well as aid in scheduling of clinical trials according to specific allergens.

We can set up stations in any location where the data is required, including but not limited to population centres in the United States, Mexico, or additional locations in Canada. We consult on locating sampling stations as well as station installation and sampling operations. We can bundle sample analysis services with equipment rentals and all of the supplies necessary for the term of the project, providing a turn-key monitoring solution.

Our continuous monitoring of outdoor allergen levels provides us with the capability of supplying data to support clinical trials in a near-real-time capacity. Our analysis services are reliable, consistent and efficient. We will work to determine a schedule for sample transportation and sample analysis so that the analysts and allergists involved in the clinical trial will have the data they need when they need it.



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